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State Advisory Committee Appointment - Climate Friendly and Equitable Communities Rule-Making

Ashland Street Transit Oriented Development, Ashland, Oregon. Fred Glick Design.

Posting today to share some ridiculously cool news: I have been appointed to serve on an Oregon state rule-making advisory committee to help create solutions that make our communities more climate change-friendly and equitable!

Some brief background: In 1973, Oregon decided to nip sprawl and land mismanagement in the butt by establishing a unique statewide regulatory structure for land use and conservation. The Land Conservation and Development Commission was set up as a decision-making body to guide the state's Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD). Earlier this year, Oregon Governor Kate Brown via executive order established a call to action on climate change for Oregon state departments and agencies, mandating they use all of their given power to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The DLCD took up this charge by setting up a Climate Friendly and Equitable Communities Rule-Making Advisory Committee to 1) be inclusive of representatives from historically marginalized communities and people experienced in equity planning and 2) create pathways for more sustainable and equitable communities

My primary role on this committee will be to provide input on the adoption of Oregon Administrative Rules around two topic areas:

1) Require Climate-Friendly and Equitable Land Use and Transportation Planning and Land Use Regulations: Rules will build on existing requirements to implement a set of enhanced requirements for local governments to use in local land use and transportation planning, and for implementation through land use regulations. These include assumptions for more equitable housing, employment, and transportation outcomes.

2) Planning for Carbon Pollution Reductions in Metropolitan Areas: To implement the Governor’s Executive Order, updated rules should require local governments in metropolitan areas to develop, adopt, and implement plans that can be expected to meet the greenhouse gas emission reduction targets in the Metropolitan Greenhouse Gas Reduction Target Rules in Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 660, Division 44.

All of the advisory meetings are open to the public and provide an opportunity for written public comment (as they should), so I welcome you to drop in and learn more about how equitable climate planning happens for our communities and offer your own thoughts if you have them. The first meeting is Monday, November 23rd from 9am-12pm PDT. Please email if you would like to view the meeting.

Finally, just a huge thank you to my support systems, the NAACP Eugene/Springfield Unit, the Oregon Climate Action Plan Coalition, the University of Oregon community, and my family and friends, who don't look at me crazy when I say I want to save the world.

Wish me luck!

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